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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Idylls of the Wannabe

This is poetry (call it rap, if you will) that would put the Vogons to shame. All of it is original except for the first - Frost's masterpiece - which I hold to be the greatest poem ever written in the English language. I apologize to the great man for the heretic juxtaposition.

Stopping by Woods, on a Snowy Evening

The Wall

Sachin's Ducks

India lose to the Aussies

Lok Sabha 2004

Prologue to the 2004 Indo-Pak Test Series

India wallops the Pakis

Sydney 2004

Switching into Devdas Mode

Lord of the Roads : Return of the King


Avada Kedavra

Lyrics to the Starry Canopy

Ode to Resurgence

The Magic Faraway Tree

To the Sacred Rinsing of Tonsils and the Holy Cleansing of the Gullet

Ode to a Lazy Lazy Dog

Once upon a Philosophical Liver

He who would be Jedi

Revenge of the Lazy Lazy Dog


Of a Balding Head

A Dog's Tail

Riding in the Rain - I & II

Something for you

Fellowship of the Ring

To the Ethics Champion's Medal

Reflections of Passion

The Muse



Stopping by Mount Road, on a Busy Evening

O Moon!

Deep Star

Riding in the Rain - III

Some F***ing Poetry, This

The Land

A Night to Remember


Reign, O Rain!

Ode to a chick walking her dog

Whispering Death


A Beautiful Mind

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