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Sunday, November 21, 2004

A Dog's Tail

Whatever happened to the oversized dog
Who was furry and slept like a log?

Some say he finally started to slog
And chronicled his adventures in a blog.

Those battles he had with Shelob and Smaug
And the moment of truth with the fiery Balrog.

He was bustling with life and was all agog
That in this great wheel, he was a tiny cog.

But I think he was actually mired in bog
And was groping about in smothering fog.

Maybe he just went out for a jog,
And died on the road - like a dog.

An afterthought :

Dog, I know your tail will never wag
But don't let your dead spirits sag.

Because I'll do what only I may
I'll show you the hidden way.

Take the dark master's hand
And step into the promised land.

Behold the lights of the city.
Shimmering far away - for eternity.

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