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Sunday, September 26, 2004

He who would be Jedi

"I will always fight
For all that is right."

You sold out
Before the start of the bout.

"I may fail
But I'll never turn tail."

I saw the glee
With which you did flee.

"I'll always be there
No matter where."

Tried looking around
But you were not to be found.

"I'll follow the sun
Till my days are done."

You fell so low
Deep into shadow.

"Can anyone deny
That I was once Jedi?"

Yes, I deny.
It was all a lie.

Management Class : Idylls of the Wannabe

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Sunday, September 19, 2004

Once upon a philosophical liver

"Is life worth living? It depends on the liver."
- William James

In a distant land of the free
Where the only liquids were coffee and tea
Lived an intrepid young liver
Who wanted to embark on a philosophical spree.

Life,The Universe and Everything
Was the tune he'd often sing.
It was loud and it was fast
Just like a Ferrari in Nurburing.

Now Socrates and Plato were really cool.
O'er many eyes did they pull a bit of wool.
But there are some allergic to sheep.
There was one yet, they could not fool.

The worthy liver decided to fly
On distillates of barley and rye.
Away from the land of wool and fool
To the highlands of "Let's Get High".

So he topped up on fuel
Only after an epic duel
With the tricks of economics,
Which, to philosophers, can be cruel.

He finally found a way around
To the land where solids were seldom found -
"Let's Get High" of the highlands fame.
And promptly,in their oceans, he drowned.

Now the only way to see beyond cosmic grime,
To unfathom the deeps of space-time
Is to have a stout philosophical liver
That can swim in gin and lime.

That he was both philosophical and stout
Can be vouchsafed without a doubt
Anybody who says otherwise
May be safely branded a bum and a lout.

So he kept going way over the top
Some of his shows had been known to flop
But unlike banking and bartendering
Selfless philosophy never does stop.

One day Everything became so clear
The day the Voice he did hear
As he lay under the magic fan
High on a concoction of whiskey and beer.

Ever since,he's been flooded with pleas
From those struggling under peepal trees.
A short-cut to the nearest pub -
And rum put their troubled livers at ease.

Some sought the truth about metaphysics
Which is often centred around chicks.
To which the stout liver replied :
"Chase skirts and it'll rain blows and kicks."

In "Let's Get High" it rained a lot
Unlike a place called Chennai where it did not.
It was golden and brown and free
Was "Let's Get High" hot or what?!

The philosophical liver was in real bliss.
Behind bars was naughty cirrhosis.
The fan had gone speechless and dumb.
But he didn't care - Enlightenment was his.

Such was the philosophy he had in store
That he stopped searching for more.
Thought of Life,The Universe and Everything for a while
He decided they were a bit of a bore.

All he wanted now was one tiny peep
At what he once used to treasure and keep -
Forgotten in memory and in time.
He saw the wounds - they ran too deep.

Management Class : Idylls of the Wannabe

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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Ode to a Lazy Lazy Dog

There was this oversized furry ball
Who never heeded his master's call.
All he did was roll about,
While his master, in vain, did shout.

"Lazy dog O lazy dog!
All day you sleep like a log!"

When he was sent to fetch the paper,
He shook his head to say "Not now,later".
He'd be harder to move than a rock
At the merest mention of a walk.

"Lazy dog O lazy dog!
All day you sleep like a log!"

The only time he'd been known to growl
Was when he was asked to take care of cats on the prowl.
Burglars could enter right through the door
Because all he did was to dream and snore.

"Lazy dog O lazy dog!
All day you sleep like a log!"

Now don't get it wrong, he'd often work.
Breakfast and dinner were duties he'd never shirk.
He liked biscuits and marmalade on his bread
While his master went around banging his head.

"Lazy dog O lazy dog!
All day you sleep like a log!"

His canine cohorts would play frisbee on the lawn,
While he'd, for the one hundred and fiftyeighth time,yawn.
He was a Houdini at giving his master the slip
When reminded of the Sunday morning dip.

"Lazy dog O lazy dog!
All day you sleep like a log!"

His majesty did not think much of the dog shed
So he made himself comfortable on his master's bed.
Somebody had given him a big furry tail
To tickle his master's nose and make him wail.

"Lazy dog O lazy dog! A
ll day you sleep like a log!"

In vain did his master hunt for advice,
While he curled up, all philosophical and wise.
All day did the master slog,
Just so that he could sleep and hog.

"Lazy dog O lazy dog!
All day you sleep like a log!"

The pooch was so furry and so lazy
That his master at last went crazy.
That is why guys go nuts
Over big furry mutts.

"Lazy dog O lazy dog!
All day you sleep like a log!"

Management Class : Idylls of the Wannabe

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