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Friday, December 08, 2006

Play It Again

I'm tired of writing about the No.1 Team of the World. I'm pretty sure the four peeps (the only readers of this blog) are tired of reading about it as well. Well you know, the Men in Blue are tired too - which is only to be expected given the amount of hard work they have put been putting in of late. Anyway.

Since I really don't have anything to write about, I'll sprinkle this post with some links which say more than what I, or anybody who's not a musician, can ever say. I will not attempt to describe the meaning or the magnificence of these songs. Let me just say that I stand on terra firma and look upwards, till I can see no more, in awe and admiration. Such is the magic of this music that it lifts me all the way up to those rarefied heights where it exists.

Here it goes, just a miniscule sample of the population, in no particular order, off the top of my head -

#A recent discovery. An excellent video which is bettered only by the song. Need to see the movie sometime.

#Since the time I had milk teeth, I have absolutely loved it. One of the greatest songs ever.

#This song is unreal.

#An evergreen favourite.

#Holy moly. Rahman rocks.

#What does one say about this man?

#How can any list be complete without these guys?

#Right out of this world.

#If there were an opening for the position of God, Pete Townshend may well have first claim.

#Most of these songs are about love. But you know...

To play Purple Rain, with consummate perfection, with my own hands and on my own guitar. Someday. Somewhere.

Everything in the world on one side and music on the other. It's got to be music. With the lights turned off. Or maybe with the lights of Gua, shimmering far away.

And, oh yes, with the test matches looming up ahead, the Men in Blue might want to contemplate on the title of this post.

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