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Monday, October 02, 2006

Hip! Hip! Hurray!

The unthinkable has occurred. No, the blindingly white-hot Paris Hilton has not written a doctoral thesis titled Kinkajou Mood-Swings : Effect on Solar Storms.

Mental Baba has finally managed to do what he never could in all those years of playing gulli cricket with tennis balls - hit a century. A incredible century of posts in that most magnificent of venues - the Stade de Blogosphere. In front of gazillions and gazillions of starry-eyed fans chanting "Baba! Baba!".

In this new-fangled game called blogging, usually played by peeps who have nothing better to do in real life, Mental Baba has proved himself an outstanding example as a player with a difference.

He had trudged to the crease about two and a half years ago as a rookie playing for the combined team of Truth, Peace and Justice. Technically accomplished but temperamentally suspect, he was not really considered a very smart selection by many (except the opposition).The Baba was essentially a touch player, relying more on a deft flick of his wrists than opening his shoulders up for the big shots. His forte was the soft silken game generally disliked by spectators. He did not have the daring cuts, the booming drives and the outrageous pull shots of the natural strokemakers.

So the Baba found himself on a queer pitch, being dominated by quicks swinging and seaming the ball around quite wickedly. But he saw other players hit huge shots into the stands and race to their centuries and more.

He did what any good Baba would do: he grafted in a way that would have done a Geoff Boycott or a Sunil Gavaskar proud. He limped and staggered towards the magic three figure mark.

Every run is a struggle. It gets harder and harder as the match progresses but, well, he's still batting.

Asked for a comment, the late George Bernard Shaw's spirit (which now inhabits the body of a garden lizard in south Texas) was heard to exclaim: "Blogging is a game of uber fools, played by uber fools and watched by uber fools." Damn! Some peeps never change, do they?

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