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Sunday, January 15, 2006

A Night to Remember

As I lay in my bed,
Along came a redhead.

Towards me, irresistibly drawn,
She was really turned on.

The look in her eyes was lewd
And she was totally nude.

The way a redhead begs -
She just spread her legs.

She certainly had no inhibition,
Indulging in such exhibition.

As she came over to embrace,
My pulse quickened its pace.

Before I knew, she was on top,
Sucking me like a lollipop.

Man, she was a real pro
Who made my testosterone flow.

Oh! What an indescribable feeling.

She was still going "Glug! Glug!" -
That nasty little bedbug,

When it exploded :-P
And then she was dead.

Redheads looking for a hot date:
Come to daddy and I'll exterminate.

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