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Saturday, August 21, 2004

To the Sacred Rinsing of Tonsils and the Holy Cleansing of the Gullet

What I'm saying is all junk
But it sure is great being drunk. // Alympic champs egg Baba on....80 Db

Is there anything I fear
When I'm high on beer? // Empty bottle!

Who cares how many it's killed
As long as the damned thing's chilled. // Loud cheers from Vijay Mallya

I gulp down many a bottle
And my bike goes on full throttle. // Even louder cheers from Rahul Bajaj

Hey there's nothing risky
Unless I forget the whiskey. // 90 Db

I love that amazing kick
That hits me like a brick. // Appreciative murmuring by the heavyweights

Everytime I visit the bar,
They welcome me like a superstar. // Rousing applause....100 Db

Coz I forget the concept of price
So long as they keep bringing the ice. // In a conveyor belt

Never cared about glass,mug or cup
Coz I only believe in bottom's-up. // Rousing applause again....110 Db

Nothing better than lotsa booze,
Hell! There's so much to choose. // 120 Db

People think it's really scary
But I like a gimlet in my bloody mary. // Some of the alympic featherweights faint

It's good to sin,
With some tonic and gin. // 130 Db....and a new alympic record!!!

Every man ignorant of worthy rum,
In my opinion, is an unworthy bum. // Bums beat Baba black and blue

Vodka does immense good,
All the more reason, drink I should. // Wah! Wah!

Tequila hits me so hard
That I turn into a freaking bard. // Now you know

Scotch and champagne,
Have long been my credit card's bane. // HSBC goons mercilessly beat Baba up

I wonder why doctors tremble and shiver,
At pin-ups of my X-rayed liver. // Page 3 regular in The Alympian

The presence of blood in my alcohol
Boy! The world of science did it appall. // Losers

Where's my good friend Bachhus?
He's have loved this fracas. // He's passed-out

Let the spirits flow,
While down the river I row. //What was that? Which river???!!!

Though the river be in spate,
This crazy thirst never does abate. // 140 Db

What the heck if I drown,
As long as the water's golden-brown. // 150 Db

Now that was a lot of crap.
I'll shut up and take a nap. // Bums and HSBC goons beat Baba up again

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