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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Clever Fox

The fox was hungry. His belly ached for some good cabbage. Unfortunately there was none in the fridge. So he had some strawberry ice-cream and chewing gum instead. These items, though delectably patable in their own way, sadly failed to smother his cravings for cabbage. The fox then determined to steal some from a patch growing on Brij Bhushan Sharma's land.

There was only one problem in the fox's plan - Tommy. Tommy was Brij Bhushan's pet bulldog. He was ferocious and he hated the fox's guts. The fox resolved to outfox Tommy. He disguised himself as an old lady and armed himself with a chicken bone. No sooner did he reach Brij Bhushan's farm than Tommy apparated, growling menacingly. The fox waved the bone invitingly and cooed, "Tommy! Aaa! Aaa!" Thus was Tommy, respecter of old ladies and lover of chicken bones, tamed. He proceeded to munch upon the bone while the fox proceeded to plunder the plot of its juicy tender cabbages. He sold some to the goat and kept the rest for himself. He used the proceeds of the sale to stock up on garam masala, chilli powder and salt.

The all-pervasive aroma of cabbage curry wafted out from the fox's cottage that evening. Wisps of it also found their way to Tommy, who surprisingly did not partake of dinner that night. He chewed on the already-chewn chicken bone instead. He was last heard muttering, "Dekh levanga. Tussi dekh levanga."

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