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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Yo Baba

No sooner did the multiverse-renowned Baba declare grandiose plans to sanctify the Mile High City with his (omni)presence, than the Colorado state reception committee ended up laying out the, well, white carpet in an extraordinarily eager (and understandable) attempt to welcome him.

Therefore it was with great regret the ascetic Baba announced that he would not be able to make it to the ceremonies planned in the area, in his honour, over the Christmas weekend. Instead of exploring the Rocky Mountains this weekend, the selfless Baba has decided to explore the highly intriguing relationship between enlightenment and mainframe performance optimization. He will also meditate on the first-world's irrigation (mal)practices.

In the meantime, the millions and millions of devotees who had lined up to catch a glimpse of the elusive Baba were left befuddled and teary-eyed by this sudden turn of events.

The soft-hearted Baba, who was a pseudo-engineer (par excellence) in his time, has promised his fans that it is well and truly the last of their many penances. Once he is done with fixing sprinklers, he will turn an assiduous eye to effecting unprecedented changes in aerospace technology.

The scientific-tempered Baba believes in equality - between man and machine. When a man can ski in the state of Colorado, an airplane shouldn't be far behind. Behold!

"Denver, this is Frontier 209. Request permission to land."

"Negative 209. The white carpet's out on all six runways."

"No problemo. We have the Baba's patented landing gear."

And voila! The Airbus A340's underbelly opens out with a pair of giant skis! The entire multiverse watches in astonishment as the flying beast skis to a perfect stop!

Magnificent Baba! Saviour of the airline industry! Incredible Baba! Protector of tourism! Fantastic Baba! Defender of the helpless! Baba - the phenom! Baba does it again!

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