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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year

Mental Baba and I wish unsuspecting (or mentally-ill) netizens who may have wandered into this unhealthly part of the blogosphere a very happy and prosperous new year. May your lives (and reading habits) take a turn for the better.

2007 may very well turn out to be the year. In a step towards making this possible, we have come up with a few resolutions.

1) Mental Baba and I will seek help, professional or otherwise, to have at least some of our psychiatric disorders (like MPD, OCD, Bipolar, Social Anxiety, Megalomania) permanently fixed.

2) Mental Baba will not give girls, maals or otherwise, the importance they do not deserve.

3) I will not give alcohol, Scotch or otherwise, the importance it does not deserve.

4) Mental Baba and I will not watch television or surf the internet unless it be to further our long-neglected financial interests.

5) Mental Baba and I will embark on an exercise to re-distribute body mass more uniformly and impartially over our physical manifestation.

6) Mental Baba and I will not give cake, from the factory or otherwise, the importance it does deserve.

7) Mental Baba will either walk the talk or shut up.

8) I will become the greatest guitarist in history.

And devotees, by the way, the ashram has finally given in to the pressures of the syndicate.

Satoma Asadgamaya. Tathastu.

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