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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ode to a chick walking her dog

Not too far from my place
Lives a most beautiful face.

That chick! She is so damned hot!
By Cupid, my heart has been shot.

O what a stunner of a blonde -
A species of which I'm particularly fond!

In my memory would I forever lock,
Ah! Her sashay on the dogwalk!

Ever since I beheld that surreal sight
My senses - they have taken flight!

She's got finesse, she's got style
And what a killer of a smile!

The ashram's real estate has gone up
Thanks to a neighbourhood Labrador pup.

Watching a doggy do is quite an avocation
As long as there's a strategic location.

Everytime her dog decides to pee
I am filled with rapturous glee!

The dog is truly man's best friend.
He is a messiah, he is a godsend!

Bless that furry little pooch
Whose mistress I'd love to smooch!

I must dress up to the nines
And memorise my lines.

I'm the dog's fan
That is the plan :D

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