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Monday, July 17, 2006

The Perfect Plan

It looks like the ashram is worth all of $1693.62.

To be honest, I was pretty impressed with this figure at first. I had invested as much as $0 to get this blog up and running (thank you Blogger!). As far as quantifying my efforts goes, even that isn't really much. I never blog at the cost of more important real-world activities. It's a strictly if and when I have time to kill deal.

It seemed like a business game in which I had just made an ROI of infinity. So far so good.

But then, I tried looking up the values of some of the other blogs I visit.

e.g. Scott Adam's blog is worth a freaking $1,590,873.72

Well, he's a celebrity. But every Tom, Dick and Harry's blog is worth at least five figures left of the decimal point. WTF?

My blog is at the BOTTOM. I know it must be some stupid algorithm that looks up the inbound traffic, no. of links to the blog, no. of comments and that sort of stuff. Because I certainly am an EXpert on probability and statistics but definitely not on advertising, my blog has had its ass kicked.

This is unbelievable. THIS SUCKS.

I sometimes use Loadrunner at work. But now I will actually put it to work. I will generate millions of hits to my blog. I will turn IP spoofing on in order to fool that stupid algorithm. I will create thousands of links and comments. And then I will sit back and watch my blog's portfolio swell into millions, nay billions. I will then sell my blog for a few billion and set up a company which lets other bloggers sell theirs for billions (my commission will be 39.8% only). My interviews will be published in Time and Newsweek. I will be awarded a Nobel in Economics. I will buy the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. On second thought, I will buy the Himalayas. My likeness will grace Madame Tussaud's.

All of a sudden, the world seems a better place. Now all that I need to do is to get past the firewall at office. It will be an interesting day at work.

Management Class : News

mental baba 10:41 AM
As far as Im aware, and Im no freakin expert, but the value of blogs thingy is total crap.
I started mine a very short time ago and mines apparantly worth $3,387.24, which is fine of sparsness was valuable.
Even the value of the dotcoms, in reality, was total crap but look at all those multi-millionaires it made. Like the oh-look-i'm-soooo-rich-and-arrogant-you-poor-piece-of-shit Mark Cuban for example. I hope to join him someday :)
My blog is worth only $1,129.08.
And I slept through the 3 day training session on Loadrunner.
You have put it in a lighter vein but I hope blogging really takes off in a big way.
|Ser Feenix| : I hope that, at least now, you realise the potential of the value addition effected by the training sessions of a global top 10 company.

|Hiren| : Me too. My Nobel and my acquisition plans for the Himalayas depend on it.
is there a chance you can reduce the commission of 39.8% for selling my blog??
if you suck up to me, maybe i will :P
baba ka katora |