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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

I'm not good with subjects

Like any good Baba, I'm a spartan person. I rarely spend money on myself. That I usually manage to do more than just negate this frugality because of sudden and whimsical decisions is a different story altogether. At times, it's smart but usually, it's just plain stupid.

This time I decided to allow myself a real luxury. I bought a Canon Digital Rebel XT - the best semi-pro dSLR that money can buy in this universe. Eight hundred dollars may be peanuts for many. It's a LOT of money for me. But that was something I had been lusting after for a while.

I remember visiting the Grand Canyon in November and not a crack on the wall, as my photographs show it to be. That was when I swore I would never go anywhere without a dSLR. It was an empty oath though.

Anyway, imagine my excitement when I received the package today. And imagine my anguish/anxiety/anger when the goddamned camera did not work. I was so mad with rage that I could have killed someone. "Why me? Everytime, why me?" was the thought echoing around my head. I don't know about Mount Merapi but there could have been a massive eruption in San Antonio.

I just put on this song and buried myself under a pillow. It's a beautiful song. Is there anything that comes close to music? Technology, sports, literature, cinema, alcohol, blogging, girls, motorcycles, cakes, television, whatever...Nothing.

Music is truly the most exhilarating experience on the third rock from the sun, on any rock from any sun.

Some of that elusive zen is on its way.

Anyway, once my head cleared up, I called the Canon helpline and soon my baby was up and running in a few minutes. Much ado about nothing? Something like that.

Much ado about nothing. That's what I've been doing all my life. That's what everybody does.

Zen. Nirvana. Call it what you will - it's all about deathly calm and frightening control (sorry about those ungainly adjectives but that's the best I got).

So I'm off to New York City - the greatest city in the world - another pit stop in the circuit of life. Maybe I'll be back with more tales of zen. Maybe I'll be run over by a truck and never come back.

Whatever. Either way, it's a win-win situation. A win-win situation. That's what it's all about. Zen.

Zen Test. Would I have blogged this post had that camera not worked? Unlikely.

But I'm getting there.

Management Class : Meandering thoughts of a fickle mind

mental baba 9:18 AM
Interesting, you feel Music comes out on top (I tho personally feel (rather know) that there are still some people left who can say "Some people worship God, I worship Rohit ****"!!!) By ze way say hi to Carrie Bradshaw while you are in New york ;)
>Would I have blogged this post had that camera not worked?

Zen what would you have done?
|nightwatchmen| : that phrase rang a bell, not hard enough though. was that in some movie? will do more than that , considering that i'll be staying at her place (all of it on your behalf).

| the alt m| : that takes me to the realm of conditional probability, wherein you are the undisputed king. you tell me. but if i were to take a shot - murder.
Let me ring the bell harder.
This particular devotee also happens to divide his devotion between Zen, Leela and Howard Roark.
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