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Monday, May 22, 2006

Should have known better

Ever since I set up my new ashram in the land of the free, I haven't been watching too many movies. Especially at the theatres.

Once in a while, I get a few flicks home and watch them on my very own cinema - a (ughh!) Dell Inspiron 6000.

Yesterday I watched The Godfather for the first time. The Godfather - cult classic, cultural phenomenon, I don't know what. I had heard and read so many glowing tributes and rave reviews about it. Peeps have even called it the greatest movie of all time.


If Hollywood cinema could be likened to the Indian railway track system, then Francis Ford Coppola would be the guy with a lotta.The Godfather is crap. It's as simple as that.

Marlon Brando got an Oscar for that role, did he? Somebody tell me it's a joke. Rob Schneider in The Animal was better than him. And that's saying something. Now I really know what the Oscars are all about.

I watch movies for entertainment. I like comedy, sci-fi, epic fantasy, horror, romance and action. I usually keep off drama and parallel cinema (because I'm dumb and I don't get it). I do appreciate few drama flicks like The Shawshank Redemption and A Beautiful Mind which are really good. But Godfather? Please. By no stretch of imagination is it entertainment of any sort. It's a massive pain in the butt. I'm assuming peeps don't need to watch movies for something they get free of cost at work and elsewhere.

I mean, that's the reason why I never watched it in all these years. The moment I see a movie's trailer, poster and synopsis, I can usually predict its quality with a fair bit of certainty. Maybe I was trying to prove myself wrong. But, to look at the brighter side of things, I now know that Francis Ford Coppola and Marlon Brando movies are not to be touched, even with a barge pole.

I would have said the same of Al Pacino but for the fact that I liked him in Scent of a Woman. The scene where he proposes marriage to the American chick immediately after that Sicilian non-chick gets blown up (thank goodness for that) had me in convulsions.

It's a third-class movie about ugly Italian mafia dons killing each other crudely. There's not one powerful character in it who's worthy of commanding awe or respect from the audience. What? The Don? F*** you.

There's not one scene that does not reek of staleness(except for the one in which the bum wakes up a horse's head in his bed). Cinematic excellence, my ass.

Sarkar (the Bollywood rip-off) , on the other hand, was pretty good. Amitabh and Abhishek were really good.

What a waste of time. Seriously.

I'll wager that the book is trash as well.

Management Class : Meandering thoughts of a fickle mind

mental baba 8:23 AM
I am still trying to recover from the Animal thing, if I am not mistaken I think I watched this movie with zee in the hallowed auditprium named after one of our more illustrious freedom fighters!!!

By ze way I liked zee Godafther especially zee music by Guns N Roses....
Funny, Ser. I suggest you withhold judgement about the book until you read it.

I like the movie because it's a (reasonably) faithful rendition of the book (by amreekan standards, anyway).
|nightwatchmen| : i've stopped trying to recover from the animal. some things are just not possible. maybe that explains a few things.

|the alt m| : it's unlikely i'll read it unless there's a bait of a reprint that says "ibm godfather".
baba ka katora |