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Saturday, May 13, 2006

'Nirvana in the times of IT' the phrase used in this gentleman's blog to refer my sanctuary of truth, peace and justice.

Indeed, the use of that mighty a word as Nirvana by so worthy a personage helped me realise the duncery that was the two-bit Alakh Niranjan (my blog's credo when it first started off).

We are in a world that's talking 64 bit. So, behold:


Having said that, let me not digress from my intended train of thought.

The moot point here would be the applicability of the word "gentleman" to this "gentleman".

Now legend has it that he engaged in activities that were quite gentlemanly, to say the least.

For example, he was gentlemanly in his conduct towards the minority population of his realm. He would not impose his majoritarian views upon them. He would not engage them in conversations bereft of gentlemanhood.

Instead he, by selfless volition, chose to undertake rigorous penance, surfing the internet in the daunting quest for enlightenment. He would then disseminate this hard-earned knowledge to the minions on the local networks.

He would not indulge in games that other players partook of. He would rather play the gentleman's game with a gentlemanly spirit rarely seen south of the Arctic Circle.

At the personal cost of neglect, he directed his energies towards the greater cause of uplifting science, technology and the state of West Bengal.

I beg to disagree that such magnitude is conveyed by the word gentleman. By colossus, perhaps. Perhaps.

I therefore thank him from the bottom of my heart for honouring me with a place in his wondrous domain, where rivers of free thought run wild and flowers of fresh ideas bloom forth.

I was just about to relapse into my meditative state when I noticed that this dignitary joined the party as well.

It is difficult to wax eloquent on his achievements, considering the fact that their quantity as well as quality represents a selection dilemma quite unlike any other, save that of Dada maybe.

He is one of the few ambassadors-at-large to have mastered the lofty arts of Calculus and Analytical Geometry and the cosmic technology that the Microsoft Office suite is representative of.

This magnifico often theorises on integrating complexities and challenges that are presented by the dynamics of evolving processes.

Champion that he is, he resolves these using Excel (at which he excels), Word (to describe his skills thereat, words fail me) and Outlook (which exemplifies his outlook to nation-building). With a noble spirit that is but a common denominator that defines his exalted kind, he carries on, undaunted and indefatigable.

He is currently engaged in patenting a product par excellence - The IT Consultant's Guide to Third World Cooliedom - which is widely tipped to win this year's Nobel for Economics as well as Peace and also tip a certain Global Top 10 company into the forefront of thought leadership.

I salute the great man and thank him for offering me a nook in his workshop where the dazzling glow of construction blinds and the sweltering heat of innovation sears.

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