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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Meet the Mental Baba

In response to the frequent deluges that the ashram's levees were being subjected to, I have magnanimously decided to consider some of the questions put forth by the millions and the millions of my disciples on the third rock from the sun. A REXX script came up with this representative selection.

Who the f*** are you?
- A redneck from Nashville, Tennessee

Son, I'm Mental Baba. I'm the third greatest poet in the history of mankind and also the finest bathroom singer that ever was.

Define Mental and define Baba, you f***ing quack.
- Another redneck, from Memphis, Tennessee

Son, I would like to refer you to my favourite online dictionary.

mental = of or relating to the chin or median part of the lower jaw
baba = a kind of plum cake

Adding these two complex vectors using hi-fi theorems (which unfortunately you may not be able to decipher),

mental baba = the future CEO of a certain Global Top 10 company

Hey dumbass, would you mind throwing some f***ing light on Alakh Niranjan?
- yet another redneck, this time from Martin, Tennessee

My pleasure, son. It simply means "All hail Baba and his hairstyle".

What do you think when you think of Tennessee?
- Gov. Phil Bredesen

Give me red.

Do you have any nicknames?
- The Dalai Lama, Upholder of Tibetan Zen Buddhism

Well, my friends do call me Nova.
- Mental Baba, Upholder of Truth, Peace and Justice

Can you do breakdance like me?
- Govinda

Only when I have my favourite stretchable undies on.

Have you set any goals for your current incarnation?
- Pee 'n' Yell, top 10 consultants from a Global Top 10 Company

To hack into ALL networks across the universe
, save those operated by the Government of Papua New Guinea (if they have any in the first place).

Why wasn't I named the MVP of the NBA?
- Kobe Bryant

Because Medha Patkar did better than you.

Are you single?
- Maria Sharapova, former Wimbledon champion


Are you single?
- Elton John


Are you tall, dark and handsome?
- Elton John

I've been told that George Clooney looks like me.

Dinner at the Ritz?
- Elton John

Kiss my ass.

Wow! Really?
- Elton John


What is your opinion on the wanton exhibition of power by the intellectually-bankrupt forces governing the capitalist world?
- Noam Chomsky


Is there oil in your ashram?
- His Excellency George W Bush, President of the United States

I have a bottle of Parachute nariyal tel, bought five years back, that might be of interest to you.

If you could choose one adjective to describe yourself, what would that be?
- Tim Sebastian


If you could choose one adjective to describe YOURSELF, what would that be?
- Tim Sebastian


How would you like to be remembered?
- a hardcore gult, from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh

As a 4000 MW power star who got electrocuted.

Management Class : Meandering thoughts of a fickle mind

mental baba 1:19 PM
me rolling on my back laughing. people around me around wondering why i am choking looking at the monitor.
Ser F***nix,

Laugh, my old friend, laugh. If I had chicks in wet saris inviting me for discussions on third world economy over a cup of coffee and vada-pav, I would laugh as well.
Rolling on my back laughing is slightly tough to do considering that I am a third world IT coolie who can only access his net from the office, but yeah there were a lot of chuckles that did cause quite a bit of consternation to my colleagues, and one actually looked at your Elton John kick ass comments (or was it kiss ass).....anyways looking on more such posts to attain
Third world IT coolie,

It is difficult to attain nirvana. I have a few theories that I'm actively working on. In the meantime, there's Govinda and Mithunda's (and Joginder's , if you remember) unparalled works of art.
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