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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Nightmare on Murugan Koil Street

Dark was the night. A no moon night. Even the stars seemed to have retreated to safer havens. There were no clouds – only blackness - a sinister pall of blackness which hovered menacingly over the doomed city. The wind howled in a mad fit of rage and terror. Far away, waves of vengeance crashed into the hulking gauntness of the cliffs. Farther away, Etna trembled uneasily. A young mother trembled as well, as she tried to put her crying infant to sleep, "So jaa bete, so jaa. Warna woh aa jayega." Such was the night. A no moon night. Darkest of all dark nights.

Down Murugan Koil Street, the electric poles swayed unsteadily in the wind's frenzied onslaught. The coconut trees shivered with fear, throwing eerie shadows that danced grotesquely on the crumbling walls of the Murugan Koil, which had shrunk into itself, as if with foreboding. There was not a soul to be seen on that street. The black Doberman, brandishing his canines at No. 13's gate, did not seem very likely to have a soul.

Such was the night on Murugan Koil Street when the clock struck twelve. The date turned Friday the thirteenth. The lights went out. The wind died. Far away, the waves died. Farther away, Etna whimpered. The child stopped wailing. All was still. The black pall now hung over the city like a shroud.

And then, the Doberman bayed powerfully through the night. Like a herald.

Thunder roared, sending bolts of lightning streaking across the petrified sky. It started to rain.

He awoke. He, who had been sleeping for so long, awoke. He, who should not have been awoken, awoke. The darkest of all dark creatures awoke. If anyone could have seen him, they would have seen the mad glint in his eyes. The mad glint in his bloodshot eyes. The mad glint in his cruel bloodshot eyes.

He was mad. He was mad with hunger. He had to feed.

He looked around in his lair, darkest of all dark lairs, for remains he might feast upon. There was nothing. Nothing. A tremendous shriek rent the night on Murugan Koil Street.

He arose. With madness in his bloody eyes. He arose. To hunt.

He cleaned his canines. He accoutered himself and sheathed his weapons. He was ready.

And then he stepped out into the night. The very night seemed to freeze. Time came to a grinding halt. Even Murugan Koil, supposed guardian, shook violently in its foundations under his evil stare. The vicious Doberman cowered as he, most vicious of all, walked past the gate.

He stopped and looked back. His red-rimmed eyes bore into the Doberman's. His tongue rolled lasciviously over his lips, considering the possibility. The Doberman shrank in terror. He crowed mirthlessly and walked into the night.

The damned city quivered, awaiting its doom, under his fateful strides. Bird, beast and man had gone into hiding. Little did they know that there was nowhere to hide from him, darkest of all dark creatures, on the darkest of all dark nights.

The wind and the rain kept a fearful distance from him as he prowled the dark streets of the damned city, in search of prey.

His eyes delved deep into the night. His ears listened far across the night. The city seemed desolate and deserted. But he was the hunter, darkest of all dark hunters.

And then, in an instant, he jumped across into a street. He had seen something. Nothing could escape his hawk eyes - he had it effortlessly in his claws. He sank his fangs into it. There was no juice in it. He crushed it, crushed the life out of it, and tossed it away.

The wind moaned. The rain faltered. The city lay still, curled up, awaiting its next sacrifice to his dark altar, darkest of all dark altars.

Ah, finally! His favourite prey! It was on the run. It was getting away. Hunter that he was, he ran swiftly and pounced on it.

It struggled a lot. But he had it in his claws. He would kill and he would feed. There was no escape from him, darkest of all dark creatures, on that night, darkest of all dark nights.

He drew his weapon, darkest of all dark weapons, to slaughter it - to slit it open from ear to ear.

Diner's Club Card.

"Look, pal, I know you're closing but I need this. Chilly bean, please. Extra cheese and extra chilly peppers."

Good pizza can light up any night - even the darkest of dark nights.

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