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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Riding in the Rain - III

I smelt rain in the air -
Time to leave my lair.

My bike was waiting for me -
So that we might flee.

The road lay ahead -
"Let's go", he said.

As I always choose -
I let him loose.

I heard him roar -
On the road by the seashore.

The clouds looked dark -
There was thunder and spark.

The wind was strong -
But it sang me a song.

The coconut trees did a dance -
As if in a trance.

The first raindrop -
I told him to stop.

It started to pour -
My spirits did soar.

Standing by the beach -
I felt beyond reach.

Me and my bike -
From others, quite unlike.

I stood there still -
In the rain and the chill.

We started to cruise -
The rain's a good ruse.

I got drenched to the skin -
On that neat little spin.

As the path I did trace -
The rain kept hitting my face.

I was not riled -
I just smiled.

Because all I wanted to do -
Well, I really don't have a clue.

I was just told by my brain -
"Baba, go ride in the rain."

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