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Monday, March 21, 2005

Love -

There I was, standing in the rain,
Drenched, unaware of the bane -
The mighty grip of the drought.
Love - it was parched into pain.

By the water's edge, as I lay,
Watching the last golden sunray,
Drown in the vast black sea,
Love - it slowly slipped away.

The skies were blue and clear,
I could feel it so very near
Until the storm blew it away.
Love - I saw it disappear.

Across the green, I heard that song.
To the robin blue did it belong.
The music succumbed to discord.
Love - it went horribly wrong.

Was it waiting for me
While I turned tail to flee ?
Of all that could have been,
Love - it could never be.

Did I think I was bitten by the asp
When my hand, it had tried to clasp ?
I let go without a second thought.
Love - it had been within my grasp.

Did I really let it down ?
Did I put on a forbidding frown
In place of a cheery smile ?
Love - it forsook my town.

Did I see it stop and turn around
To perhaps return and abound ?
Alas! The road was lost forever.
Love - it was never again found.

Things that could have been said
And hearts would never have bled.
A story with a different end perhaps.
Love - it was a book left unread.

There is nothing that does abide
As venomous as false pride.
All it took was just one bite.
And love - sweet love - it died.

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