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Saturday, January 15, 2005

The Fellowship of the Ring

It was long ago on Middle-earth
That this story actually took birth.

Hear now of the Lord of the Rings
The epic that flies on Tolkien’s wings.

Hidden in the green fields of the Shire
Was that to which the Dark Lord did aspire.

A ring forged in the fires of Mt. Doom
For the purpose of destruction and gloom.

Bilbo Baggins left for ancient Rivendell,
Leaving Frodo the key to eternal hell.

The tiny hobbit’s big heart was true
But of things to come he hadn’t a clue.

Gandalf bade him go to the town of Bree.
Along the way, from the Nazgul he did flee.

Sam, Merry and Pippin were with him,
Steadfast, whenever his eyes grew dim.

The foursome faced many an arduous test
Until they met Tom Bombadil in the old forest.

At the Prancing Pony was a personage so rare
That he could have been none but Isuldur’s heir.

Aragorn defended them all alone at Weathertop
But one of the Morgul blades he could not stop.

Frodo was stabbed and fatally injured.
It was only by Elves that he could be cured.

The frightening Nazgul pursued them still
Whence the Loudwater swelled at Elrond’s will.

The apostles of Mordor were swept away.
In Imladris, Frodo saw the light of day.

So wondrous and fair, it was the greatest Elvish bastion.
Of the Great War, Elrond was the last champion.

Men, Dwarves and Elves attended a great council
To summon all of Middle-earth’s collective will.

Reforged was Anduril – the blade that was broken.
In Men, lost strength and valour were re-awoken.

The One Ring was to be unmade in the mountain of fire.
A Fellowship of nine was entrusted with this task dire.

Thence they journeyed south unto Caradhras
But the mighty mountain would not let them pass.

Thus were they forced into the dreaded deep
Of the Mines of Moria where ancient evils did sleep.

Orcs descended upon them from dark holes.
To contend with, there were also huge cave trolls.

Gandalf and the Balrog fought a battle awesome
As they plummeted down the Bridge of Khazad-dum.

So ended the life of Gandalf the Grey.
It was left to Aragorn to show them the way.

They reached the woods of Lothlorien
Of which Galadriel was the guardian.

In her mirror did Frodo see the Great Eye
Perched atop Barad-dur, under the black sky.

It was a journey down the great Anduin
In the quest to expiate Isuldur’s sin.

On the slopes of Amon Hen did they land.
It would prove to be the Fellowship’s last stand.

The orcs carried off Merry and Pippin.
In Boromir did Gondor lose its kin.

Frodo and Sam chose the eastward path of hardship
And thus ended that eventful Fellowship.

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