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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Of a Balding Head

I once had a head of hair.
It was truly beyond compare.
But some things aren't meant to be.
Now most of it is pretty bare.

When one is a twenty something old
Hair is as precious as gold.
When it vanishes into thin air
It's like being left out in the cold.

It doesn't feel terribly good
To hide it under a cap or a hood.
Maybe it was my genes at work
But I really haven't understood.

I do feel swindled and robbed
By the creams and shampoos I've daubed.
When two mirrors showed me the back
The other day, I could've sobbed!

The conspicuous absence of locks
Weighs me down like a ton of rocks
When there are pretty girls around.
It's like taking some really hard knocks.

There are many options they say
To right my feet of clay.
But I guess I've made my choice
I'll go Lex Luthor's way.

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