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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Ode to Resurgence

Here and now, upon these shores of gold,
As I wander about in the misty cold,
Shorn of glory and justice on that rainy day,
When lo and behold! A Voice o'er the tumultuous bay!

"Stars and planets step aside,
As legends vanish into the cosmic tide.
Though mighty were they and without peer,
I, Master, bid them adieu with a sneer!"

That thunderous growl, that deafening roar.
The hunter was on the prowl and I was the boar.

I cry out,"Though I be blest with gold and more,
I feel Thanathos coming to put an end to my lore.
A shadow remains of what I was meant to be.
The Darkness of my heart does not let me see!"

The wind howls. Mounts turn to dust in the waves of doom.
There is nowhere to hide, for escape there is no room.
As the raging rain begins to pelt my brain,
Dregs of life ebb away in a gigantic drain.

All those travails - and yet to save me none.
I cease to pretend. I'm on my last run.

All seemed lost.
By despair and desolation was I accost.
My soul was drowning in the grimy sea
When a Melody rang out deep within me.

"Knowst thee who thou are?
Art thee just another fading star?
Throw aside this dissembling shroud!
And stand up, tall and proud!"

So sweet and so tender, a spark did it ignite.
A flaming fireball now! It was time to fight!

Like a Trappist in the midst of infernal din,
I thought of all that I ever believed in.
There I was, in shackles and in chains,
When it happened - Light rippled through my veins.

Like a phoenix, from my ashes I arose
Dispelling all that was morbid and morose.
As I unsheathed my steel,testament to forgotten power,
The rain drifted away, the wind and the waves began to cower.

The Voice persisted in its unholy prattle,
Whence I smote it down in an epic battle.

The wind now conjures up a symphony divine
And the waves dance about on a floor of brine.
The moon falls into a slumber deep.
Lovely Aurora glides down the sunbeams steep.

Sapphire waters and golden sands - that moment in time,
And life - life is radiance, it is song and rhyme.
The canopy is now that of lovely azure.
The universe sleeps - peaceful and pure.

Their ugly heads, the Clouds will never rear
Here comes the Sun: Sunny days are here.

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