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Friday, June 25, 2004

Switching into Devdas Mode

Verily was she a nymph divine,
Around my heart did her beauty entwine,
More intoxicating than the Frenchest of wine.
All I wanted was to make her mine.

Her hair cascaded like a river of gloss,
Everytime her head did a vain little toss.
So breathtaking looked she, even when cross,
That words fail me - I'm at a loss!

Her eyes ran so deep,
In my fervour I could not sleep.
I was afraid she'd call me a creep,
The very thought made me weep.

Because I knew that she was more than just hot,
And that I was definitely not.
I took to smoking pot,
And my brain began to rot.

She was so beyond description,
My madness went past resurrection
(Inspite of the shrink's prescription!)
Much to my mom's trepidation.

Once she turned around to speak,
My knees - they went weak.
Dammit! I was so meek,
That in front of her I could only squeak.

Metaphysical me had a big hole,
Trapped in an unrelenting gaol.
Yet she was the sun of my planetary soul,
She made my heart burn like fiery coal.

Some day it'll burn out,
I have absolutely no doubt,
Love sure is one bout,
That can more than just rout.

Now she's not here,
Down drops a tear.
Does the fire sear?
Yup and the head begins to clear.

Time to stop the mope,
Keep off the dope.
Get some good soap
And scrub away remnants of hope.

Time to switch off Devdas mode,
Coz there's lotta load,
Gotta go back and code,
And then hit the road.

Management Class : Idylls of the Wannabe

mental baba 11:32 PM
Yo Mental Baba, I have had the same metaphysical experience, esp the nervous squeaking. Looks like our tribe is bound to such a fate.
Ser F***ix,

Cosmic truth thou doth state:
"Our tribe is bound to such a fate."

But, us, why do they hate?
Is it something innate?

On this we must deeply deliberate
Over a golden-yellow distillate.
baba ka katora |