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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Lok Sabha 2004

Every politician's greatest fear -
Elections - are here!
All of a sudden, they're campaigning around
Just to avoid a drubbing sound.

Out come the posters and the flags,
As also the proverbial money bags!
The rhetoric is loud but hollow
Which the masses often do not follow.

Politicians love to sling mud,
To portray the opponent as a dud!
Issues never do matter
As long as their ilk get fatter.

They believe in good education,
Which is why they never think of matriculation!
The high and the mighty are their pawns
Because most of them are mafia dons.

Mayawati and Mulayam are not worth a dime,
Yet they get elected time after time!
Laloo's party hideously stinks,
Yet in front of the nation, he blatantly winks.

Thackeray is a proven crook,
Well-documented in Mumbai's every nook.
The Commies make me sick,
Their minds are so obtuse and so thick.

The Congress has fallen so low
That an Italian doth their battle conch blow.
The BJP's principles were lost,
When the likes of Amma it did accost.

To give these morons a vote
Is like cutting your country's throat.
It's so hard to make a choice.
In the least of devils we must rejoice.

It's a tough game to play
But I'd go saffron's way.
Things are at a crucial juncture,
Ever since Babu's cycle got a puncture.

Nobody wants a hung Parliament
Or elections in another installment.
Throw these regional players out.
They have over-reached their clout.

At the end of the Battle Royale,
I hope the electorate stands tall.
The future is pretty clear.
Only we can put India into fifth gear.

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