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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

India lose to the Aussies

November 16 is a day to be remembered,
When,by the Wall, were the Aussies dismembered.

We were all so full of glee,
Thought Tugga and Co. would tremble and flee.

"We are the best",proclaimed Dada with a shout,
I think he put his foot in the mouth.

When Dada counts his chickens before they hatch,
This is what happens in a non-contest of a match.

The last hope was the Wall,
And he fell to a gem of a ball.

Hurtful yet is Sachin's ungainly poke,
At a Brad Williams delivery hurtling down the slope.

At least some support he was expected to lend,
But it was a meek and sorry end.

The Aussies have shown us why they're the best,
They've won more than just one test.

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