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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

India wallops the Pakis

Sweet victory at last!
After those painful memories of the past.

Long we had thought it to be a dream,
That some day,the Pakis, we'd cream.

The wish has finally come true,
Thanks to the astounding men in blue.

They set the ground on fire,
And made a mockery of perdictions dire.

What exemplary spirit!
The flame of Indian cricket is now lit.

To blaze its way to greatness and to glory,
To script hereafter many a memorable story.

It was brilliant captaincy by the Wall,
Indeed, he stood so very tall.

Viru essayed a magical knock,
Leaving the Pakis in disarray and in shock.

With ferocious glee did he maul and destroy,
Watching him bat is such a joy!

A great show by the Little Master,
For him,our hearts will always beat faster.

Many dismissed the bowlers as 'zeroes'
But they turned out to be the unsung heroes.

This is one heck of a team,
Fit to be eulogised,ream upon ream.

Let us stop bickering and whining,
Coz Indian cricket is now truly shining.

Let us bond nad unite,
And watch our team fearlessly fight.

It is fantastic day,
I think I'm gonna head the nearest bar's way :-)!

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