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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

A prologue to the 2004 Indo-Pak test series

The Pakis are an arrogant lot,
Just like their General who loves to plot.

They think they are a great team.
That their bowlers are masters of swing and seam,

That Afridi & Co hit the ball so hard,
That many a bowler's reputation is marred.

Well Pakis - here's a newsflash.
"You are coming down with a crash!"

The last match we may suffered a loss
But our boys will show them who's the boss.

Nobody's scared of their pacers who chuck,
Or their batsmen who survive on luck.

'Coz we got the Wall,
Who stands undaunted and tall.

What about the Little Master,
Who sets the pulse racing a wee bit faster.

There is that tiger from Bengal.
He can do more than just enthrall.

VVS is an all-time great,
When he gets going,runs do not abate.

Do bot be fooled by Sehwag's rotund belly,
'Coz he's a merciless butcher from Delhi.

This is that well-oiled batting machine,
That dismantles attacks menacing and mean.

Of sportsmanship the Pakis have none,
Just remember the deeds that Shoaib has done.

So being nice guys is not enough,
Team India must act tough.

It's time to put their cheerleading General in a skirt,
And make the Pakis kiss the dirt.

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