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Sunday, July 04, 2004

Lyrics to the Starry Canopy

The sun sets and ends the grimy day.
Nightfall creeps stealthily o'er the silent bay.
There unfolds a wondrous story,
As a celestial garden blooms in all its glory.

I lie on rocky cliff,beside my tiny shack.
And watch a divine painter unfurl his canvas black.
Masterful strokes produce twinkling little stars,
They conjure up Venus, they dream up Mars.

Swathes of blackness erupt into silvery light,
As chariots herald the lady of the night.
The moonbeams dance high above me
While down below, snores the bejewelled sea.

A cloud or two are set sailing by.
Bolts of lightning dart about the mysterious sky.
Hues of red spill out beyond the yonder crag
In the steel city they've been dumping slag.

Raindrops fall as a cloud halts to cry.
Lo and behold! A meteor streaks by.
It is time to make a wish.
They always come true - no matter how outlandlish.

These are the times I dream of the deep within
When the wind caresses softly upon my skin.
Ah! This is the elusive balm.
Tumultuous minds does it control and calm.

Gateway to the greatness of outer space,
A reminder of the mereness of human race.
The firmament is so majestic and so vast,
Through eons will it evermore last.

Darkness will always fall
And lift the day's gloomy pall.
It is magical and pure.
Through living memory it will forever endure.

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