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Saturday, June 26, 2004

Lord of the Roads : Return of the King

He's so very definitely male,
Makes wannabes look wan and pale!

He's got the body of a Schwarzenegger,
Oh boy!What an amazing figure!

The looks don't flatter to deceive,
One ride - and you'll learn to believe.

For inside is a heart of gold,
An engine - that never goes cold.

Feed him petrol in a sumptuous feast,
And he'll roar down ECR like a majestic beast.

He's a Casanova. He loves to race,
But he always stops for a pretty face.

His growls dip into a sweet purring sound,
Coz he's on his best when there are ladies around!

He does not like the sly 'mamas'
Who keep enacting their dishonest dramas.

Hey!He has a real cool family.
Got a kid bro recently.

DTSI is his name,
And he's destined for even greater fame.

Junior's got such amazing power,
That he does not know to cower.

Put him into fifth gear,
And the road behind will disappear!

It must have been a fundoo brain,
That came up with a machine so vain.

Well done Bajaj!
Step up and claim the 'Sartaj'.

Since there can be but one king,
To his majesty, this ode I sing.

Management Class : Idylls of the Wannabe

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