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Sunday, November 14, 2004


Let there be light
And darkness will prevail.
Let the heroes fight
And mothers will bewail.

Let there be life
And death will banish.
Let there be no strife
And peace will vanish.

Let there be love
And hatred will cleanse.
Let loose the dove
And the hawk will make amends.

Let there be hope
And gloom will smother.
Let the world desperately grope
And it wouldn't be worth the bother.

Let there be beauty
And ugliness will cure.
Let there be fealty
And treachery will make it pure.

Let there be truth
And hypocrisy will mock.
Let there be youth
And age will debauch.

Let there be justice
And the law will die.
Let those who may search for bliss
And tumult will make them cry.

Let there be good
And evil will defend.
Let there be all that should
And they will all end.

Let there be kindness
And cruelty will reign.
Let there be happiness
And misery will be its bane.

Let there be pleasure
And pain will heal.
Let valour have no measure
And its doom cowardice will seal.

Let there be victory
And defeat will consecrate.
Let there be glorious history
And the future will desecrate.

Let there be God
And the Devil will rise.
Let Him, in armour, be shod
And yet, it'll be the end of His lies.

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