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Saturday, July 10, 2004

The Magic Faraway Tree

Distant in memory and in time,
Are days that were truly sublime.
Where is the Magic Faraway Tree?
And those moments of mirth and glee?
It was so wonderful to be a child,
To run carefree and wild.
Where is that quaint little school?
And my friends who'd play the fool?
I miss my good old cricket bat.
The sixers I used to swat.
Where are my dear old books
That lay around corners and nooks?
I want to climb those gates and walls.
Hunt for lost tennis balls.
Where is the tinkling of the bell?
And the candyman who'd have lots to sell?
I still remember those hills and vales.
And my servant's ghostly tales.
Where are the shimmering lights?
That I'd watch on starless nights.
Where is the hidden treasure
Buried in that garden of pleasure?
Where enchanted were the morning mist
And the flowers the dew kissed.
It was the most beautiful home.
Under this humungous blue dome.
But why has everything changed?
Why is this world so deranged?
Tell me O Magic Faraway Tree.
Where are those days of mirth and glee?
Where has my Papa gone?
I feel so lost and forlorn.
My friend - the Magic Faraway Tree.
I thought he'd always stand by me.
Someday I'll return to that haunted glen.
Perhaps the Tree will be there again.

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