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Saturday, January 08, 2005

Something for you

Mad thoughts do I embrace,
On divine recollections of your face.
You are so amazingly pretty.
You light up this dark city.

My heart always skips a beat,
Through my daydreams when you fleet.
Of Beauty, you are the epitome.
You are the queen of my kingdom.

The way you burst into a smile...
Oh! My senses you do beguile.
The merest hint of disdain
And all I feel is excruciating pain.

One dainty little toss,
Your hair cascades into a river of gloss.
Your eyes are pools of indescribable deep.
Since I saw you, I've not known sleep.

You are the one.
From your thoughts I cannot run.
The day I don't see you,
My spirits - they go blue.

You are the loveliest of flowers,
It must have taken all of His powers.
You are all grace and elegance.
You are the fruit of long penance.

Your perfection transcends every peak.
You make my knees go wobbly and weak.
You make my heart burn like fiery coal.
Oh! You are the sun of my planetary soul.

I've seriously gone nuts,
I've had to summon all my guts,
To tell you how I feel.
Believe me - it is so very real.

Perhaps you will understand.
And let me hold your hand.
Let me take you out for a treat
And sweep you off your feet.

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