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Monday, February 28, 2005


By the Dryads, deep in the forest, was a pool hidden,
To gods and mortal men, was it a place forbidden.

Of the Huntress, those deep waters were the favourite haunt.
There, her naked majesty, she would carelessly flaunt.

In Eos's wake would come the Goddess chaste
To anoint herself with scented oil and perfumed paste.

Never had a soul dared to follow Artemis to her bath.
Because to do so would be to incur her fearsome wrath.

A mighty hunter of his time was Actaeon the brave.
For a glimpse of the Huntress, he did verily crave.

Though he knew that it was an unpardonable sin,
Yet he burnt with desire to watch the bathing Virgin.

No longer could he resist; he would not take heed.
He hid himself by the pool to do the very deed.

And then there came the enchantingly beautiful Goddess
Actaeon dove in madness as he watched her undress.

As she stood there on a rock, inviting and nude.
Actaeon saw what no god or man had ever viewed.

The Immortal One had such a breathtaking face,
It made mortal Actaeon's heart flutter and race.

Smooth and flawless was her milky skin,
Its vast expanse made Actaeon's head spin.

Lush tresses fell across the breasts of the flower
Which Actaeon fervently wished the wind'd uncover.

Lo! Never had maiden such a bosom greatly cleft.
Of his senses, the sight left him absolutely bereft.

Actaeon gazed in a daze at her rosy nipples
While she admired their reflection upon the ripples.

When his eyes lingered at the tantalising end of her thighs,
Actaeon could no longer restrain his amorous sighs.

Dicovered, he stood face to face, in front of her glory.
The hunter knew that it was the end of his story.

"One kiss,
O Artemis."

Upon him, the Huntress set Actaeon's own hounds,
Few screams and cries : then there were no sounds.

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