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Monday, January 24, 2005

Reflections of Passion

Can't fight this feeling anymore.
Wonder what the future has in store.

Don't know what I ever did wrong
To deserve a punishment this long.

This existence I can no longer defend.
Sometimes I just wish it would all end.

At the end of the tunnel, is there light?
Will things around me ever be set right?

I feel so very listless and so very weak.
I sense my force vanishing down some leak.

Down my face, the tears begin to drop.
I desperately want everything to stop.

Though I had been trapped all this while.
I tried my best to take things with a smile.

I think that I have seen more than enough.
There's only so much I can take of such stuff.

I must admit that teachers/mentors I have none
Who may show me how this tangle may be undone.

But I know that this malaise now runs too deep.
Upon my very soul it begins to slealthily creep.

Shut outside the precincts of salvation,
In a mad frenzy, I search for redemption.

By mighty unseen powers I have been bound,
Holding me from going where it may be found.

For some this is the way it is meant to be.
From this stark reality I can no longer flee.

One day I sat by the seashore all alone.
And my heart - I saw it turn into stone.

One last shudder of great torment
I roared till all that remained was rent.

"O Human! I make you the King Aragorn!"
"Never!" And the Dark Lord was reborn.

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