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Sunday, January 16, 2005

To the Ethics Champion's Medal

O Most Mighty and Magnificent Medal!
Thine aura, across the universe, does straddle.

Such is thy blindingly dazzling lustre
Thine enemies are left in a state of fluster.

I must admit with a fair bit of glee
That they're all green with envy.

My embellished chest swells with solemn pride
When admirers say their tears haven't yet dried.

I thank thy creator most selfless.
How noble of it to deign to bless!

A mortal who would be but a minion.
But thanks to thee, I'm now Champion.

Cheered on by starry-eyed masses
Each and everyone of whom's in sunglasses.

I fondly recall that glorious parade
For which a customised red carpet was laid.

Never before had the world seen such gold
As the day, thee, I did gallantly hold.

It was the day when heads did turn.
With rage and jealousy, even the sun did burn.

Thou art the beacon on the journey to ethics.
Eternal, unlike disbelieving irreverent pricks.

I bask in the the light thee doth shower.
I draw inspiration from thy great power.

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