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Monday, May 16, 2005

Mundane March

March always used to be a great time of the year.

Why ? Final exams.

Now this is a phrase that sends shivers downs the spines of most students. But things were different for me.

I'd keep myself abreast of the syllabus for the better part of the year. So I usually ended up doing well without breaking into a sweat or burning the midnight oil.

Maths and Geography were my favourites. And I hated History and the Literatures (both English as well as Hindi). Reading those books was one thing but answering questions like "Compare the agrarian practices of the Mesopotamian and the Indus Valley civilisations" and "Comment on Heathcliffe's treatment of Hareton" were a bit too much for me.

For a couple of years, I was put in a school across the Jharkhand border in Orissa. I had to study Oriya ! Yikes ! I failed all of my unit tests and terminal exams with scores like 4/25 and 12/100 (the only time I ever failed academically) and I was waiting for the final exam with a dread that was unknown to me. Thanks to a resourceful friend of mine, I was shown the right way out of such situations. I scored 78/100. Hehehehe. Hell, they had no business trying to teach me Oriya. And I've been into ethics ever since.

It would be great to get a two week break from those long hours in classes. To just go to school, complete the paper, hang around with friends, do the next paper (if any), throw the papers away and go play some cricket.The weather would always be perfect for cricket. With a nice gentle breeze all the time. Not like this place. And finally, there'd be some ice-cream or custard or jelly waiting at home.

March was always a great time of the year. Knowing that you had done well, knowing that you were leaving a happy year behind, knowing that you were moving up more than just a class, knowing that there was yet another wonderful year ahead with fantastic people was a special feeling.Those final exams felt like a hearty pat on the back. They felt like "Kawaaaabaaangaaaaaaaaa !"

Now, so many years down the line, I still have final exams in March. Of a different kind. I don't enjoy these. I don't think I ever will. Whatever...what the heck.

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