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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Then there was binary

The power of two. Of all people, software 'engineers', should know that. And I, Mental Baba, know that as well.

Everything is driven by 0 and 1. Right from the neighbourhood ATM to neighbouring country's cruise missiles, everything is fuelled by 0s and 1s.

However, this is NOT acceptable to ME because I am pissed off with George Boole. And with Charles Babbage and with Alan Turing and the like.

Things are going to change around here. Because I've had enough of 1 and I certainly have had enough of 0.

I will lead a rebellion to cleanse and to purge this world of everything binary.

A new language is born as twin pillars (that's NOT binary) of 'h' and 'e' are erected to support the communication needs of the dogmatic denizens of my world - just like the mighty statues of Isuldur and Anarion, at the gates of the Argonath.

I name this language Wa (written as Hehehehhh).

A few important rules regarding Wa :

# Capital H may be used with discretion but capital E is DISALLOWED.
# The exclamation mark and the question mark are allowed.
# Everything else is DISALLOWED.
# Small 'h' and 'e' HAVE to be used in CONJUNCTION. (Exception : I may use small 'h' alone at MY prerogative)
Needless to say, it is only I, creator of Wa, who may dare to write its revered name.
# Translation from other languages is DISALLOWED.

In short, this is MY plan. I will write code in Wa, that will run on machines built on Wa architecture. This will then hack into ALL networks across the universe and take complete possession of the same.

I will exempt the servers of the Government of Papua New Guinea.

All those standing in MY way will be smashed into mincemeat and relegated to the deeps of perpetual oblivion.

And those who dare not to use Wa hereafter (in MY presence) will have their workstations pulverised and their mailboxes defiled.

Who will stop ME? Or rather, who can stop ME?



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