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Monday, May 15, 2006


I've been an avid tennis fan right since '91 when Prime Sports, the precursor of ESPN-Star, started beaming the game into Indian households. That's not to forget Doordarshan which always covered the semis and finals of Wimbledon and the French Open, which Prime Sports never did.

So it's been while since I've been hooked to it. Undoubtedly, it's a pretty attractive sport, to say the least.

Just like every Tom, Dick and Harry in the subcontinent is an authority on cricket, I consider myself to be a bit of a John McEnroe (in his santised NBC avatar, with tie and all).

Let's come to the real deal - Roger Federer. Federer - the man widely regarded by many (including Agassi and McEnroe) to be the greatest to have ever wielded a tennis racquet .

Keeping that in mind, take a look at this.

Rafael Nadal, the pretender, has smashed Federer into pulp again, the five sets notwithstanding. This is crazy. It's downright unbelievable. I can't f***ing believe that this sartorially-challenged punk beat Federer. AGAIN.

Nadal's a freaking machine. But he's not a patch on Federer. I repeat. He's not a patch on Federer. Anybody who's seen them play would say the same. If they don't, I suggest they haul themselves out of here before I land some eternal sunshine on their spotless behinds. The only way this moron should be able to beat Federer is in an ATP videogame (Spanish edition).

But the reality is that this teenaged bum is now 5-1 up on the head-to-head count. It's been 3-0 this year. Federer's had his pants taken off yet again. YET AGAIN. He's been licked, from head to toe, with intermediate stops in between as well.

This is complete nonsense. I do not understand why some things in this world cannot follow the principles of physics. The lines of force logically point towards Federer. There's dark matter at work here.

Now Mr. Federer's going to be decimated in the French Open as well. If there's any way he can win that's only if some mental fan of his decides to stab Nadal at the Hamburg Open (deja vu?).

I'm frustrated and dejected at Federer's (un)doings. How could he squander two match-points? This is bullshit. It's gone outside of the tennis court and into a shrink's clinic. That's the only explanation I have for this series of debacles. Sampras would have found a way out of this. Nobody made a bunny out of him.

But I guess, in a way, I know. Few things cannot be explained. Just like nobody can explain how ALL the chicks keep turning ME down. ME. In fact, that one needs to go to Ripley's Believe it Or Not.

Something else as well - Roger Federer defeating Rafael Nadal - if that ever happens in this millennium.

But Federer thinks he's "on the right track". Dude, if anything, you're on track to derailment.

Damn these clowns. I should stick to watching the *ovas in future.

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mental baba 6:19 AM
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I never knew that you actually gave a chance to a chick to turn you down!!!!!

By the way yeah even I feel very frusth when Federer loses to Nadal, Federer has that rare capability of being a player who can raise the level of the game to being really sublime, something out of this world
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