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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Arrey Baba

I'd been a staunch opponent of that grisly subject known as Fluid Mechanics for long. I believed that it should have been outlawed under TADA or POTA way back for the terror it had been unleashing on hapless engineering students who might have otherwise spent their time more fruitfully on porn or tempo shouts.

I still have nightmares of my third semester when 16 out of 23 of my batchmates flunked that course which, by now, may well have been inducted into the Fucka Hall of Fame (or Shame, depending on which side you're on) with the pomp and splendour that it truly deserves.

Anyway, this was the very first sight that greeted me on the notice board outside the jalaad's office -

9928101 - F
9928102 - F
9928103 - F
9928104 - F

With my heart in my mouth, my eyes queried for this primary key -


And the result -

9928115 - P

In all of my life, this is one of the few incidents that is faintly indicative of the presence of an entity called God. You'll excuse me when I say I wasn't too keen on signing up for a situation where they would say I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Yours truly just about managed to squeak through with a stupendous effort that fetched him a whopping 36 marks out of 100 (28 of them coming in the endsem paper). It was what Michael Jordan would have called a clutch performance.

Anyway, as is my wont, I'm rambling again. My flight from Houston to Philadelphia sort of changed my thoughts on Fluid Mech. Landlubber and Fluid Mech cynic that I undeniably am, I have never been into things powered by aviation turbine fuel (I also have a chip on my shoulder because I could not make it to the Dept of Aerospace Engineering). I must clarify though that I have absolutely no problem flying high on this.

I encountered turbulent weather in a plane for the first time. There was heavy rain pelting the 737 as it tried to make its way through a thunderstorm or two. That I had the window seat and that I could see lightning didn't exactly make things better.

Thoughts of Bernoulli's equation and Reynold's number and non-laminar flow started a train of thought which is also known as deductive reasoning.

Inputs to Baba's brain -

A : Airplanes fly on the principle of Bernoulli's equation.
B : Bernoulli's equation is only applicable to laminar incompressible flow.
C : Outside of my window, it sure as hell ain't laminar incompressible flow.

Hi-fi processing in Baba's dual-core processor.

Outputs from Baba's brain -

D : If it ain't laminar incompressible flow, Bernoulli's equation ain't working.
E : If Bernoulli's equation ain't working, then 737 ain't flying no more.
F : If 737 ain't flying no more, Baba attains permanent nirvana.

Well. I still haven't attained permanent nirvana. (Now who was it just said "Fuck!"?)

Thank goodness Boeing employs peeps who get something more than just a P in Fluid Mech.

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