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Thursday, June 08, 2006


...I may have accomplished something that nobody before me, in the x billion years of history, ever has.

It has always been a dream of mine to do what no man has done before. Something. Anything. Just for the heck of being there first, looking down at the rest of the world and saying, "Bluddy morons!"

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you...

...hold your breaths...

...this could be the revolution that will change the world...


Yes, the apple paratha. It could very well be the greatest innovation in the kitchen since pesarapappu pachadi (moong dal chutney).

Why? Well, why not?

They have alu (potatoe) paratha. They have gobi (cauliflower) paratha. They have mooli (radish) paratha. Now you tell me why can't they have an apple paratha?

Last time I checked it's a free country. And remember: An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Right now, the apple paratha algo (and prototype) is still secret because it needs a few tweaks here and there. But trust that I'm a believer in freeware and stuff. I'll publish it under GNU as soon as I'm through with it.

Finally, Baba will have his much-deserved patent. Finally, in some dumb quiz in some dumb school, some dumb quizmaster will ask:

"Connect. George Crum. John Montagu. Raffaele Esposito. Mental Baba."

Has Mental Baba finally arrived? Will he go down in history as the paratha phenom? Will he be invited on Khana Khazana? Will millions and millions of Indian moms pack their kids' tiffin boxes with the apple paratha?

What was that? Now I don't even want to hear that. Don't. Don't. Nobody tried an apple paratha before. Nobody. Surely. How could anybody have tried an apple paratha before? I don't believe it. It's a conspiracy. Cmon. I mean, COME THE FUCK ON.

Let me check with the great eye.

I can't believe it. What sort of an idiot would even dream of trying out an apple paratha? Goddamn. I forgave Kashmir. I forgave Sharjah. But I will not forgive this. They are nuked. Kill. Baba kill. KILL.

So near and yet so far. Again.

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